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End-to-End Web Solutions

From conceptualization to implementation and ongoing maintenance, our services cover the entire spectrum of web development. TYPO3 Headless CMS serves as the central pillar, ensuring a cohesive and end-to-end solution for our clients.

Business Analysis and Consultation

Our commitment to delivering value is facilitated by a team of dedicated business analysts and consultants. They work closely with clients to understand their objectives, providing insights and solutions that align with their business goals, all within the TYPO3 with Vue.js frontend.

Headless CMS Expertise

TYPO3 Headless stands out as a powerful CMS solution, offering Progressive Web Application features as a TYPO3 extension. Its transparent routing between frontend and backend, support for native TYPO3 functionalities, and the ability to keep the workflow within the TYPO3 panel contribute to a robust and flexible content management system.

Unified frontend experience

Complementing the Headless CMS framework, our module acts as a frontend bridge, enhancing the capabilities of ext:Headless with features SEO benefits, and high-performance and availability, also I18n handling, multi-domain support. This extension creates a unified frontend for multiple applications within the your ecosystem.

Client-Centric Solutions

The focus on a Headless CMS solution allows us to provide a client-centric approach. Whether clients are seeking a decoupled frontend approach or a streamlined content management experience, TYPO3 Headless offers the flexibility and adaptability required for diverse project requirements.

Continuous Innovation

Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation within the TYPO3 Headless framework ensures that our clients stay ahead in the digital landscape. Regular updates, contributions, and a forward-looking approach enable us to provide cutting-edge solutions that evolve with the ever-changing digital landscape.

For Agencies

For Agencies

Unlock the Potential: By adopting this approach, agencies can unlock new possibilities and deliver innovative solutions to meet their clients' evolving needs.

Streamline Workflows: Our platform is designed to streamline workflows, making it easier for agencies to manage projects efficiently and deliver high-quality results on time.

Cutting-Edge Solutions: TYPO3 Headless empowers agencies to push boundaries, creating digital experiences that set them apart in the competitive landscape. Join the revolution and lead the way in digital innovation!

For Customers

For Customers

Embrace TYPO3 Headless for a dynamic, future-ready website and share your content across multiple platforms.

Experience the Synergy: TYPO3 in a Headless way brings together powerful content management and flexible presentation layers, creating a synergy that transforms your digital presence. Elevate your website to new heights with a dynamic and future-ready approach.

Tailored Web Experience: Discover the benefits of TYPO3 with a JavaScript frontend. Our platform allows customers to develop omnichannel experience, and at the same time unique and personalized online journeys, ensuring that their digital presence aligns seamlessly with their brand identity and user expectations.

We are guiding you to digital success

We apply the best agile project management practices and delivery techniques on the market to our work. We keep things simple so that you have a direct overview and can track the project's progress.

Compete on the market of the digital age and grow faster with the experienced software engineering teams by your side!

Not sure if a Headless approach is for you? FAQ.

Is Headless CMS good for SEO?

Absolutely. TYPO3 Headless offers excellent SEO capabilities. By decoupling the frontend and backend, it allows for optimized content delivery, fast loading times, and improved performance—critical factors for search engine rankings. Harness the power of TYPO3 with a decoupled frontend for a search-friendly web presence.

What are the advantages of adapting a Headless CMS?

Adapting TYPO3 Headless brings numerous benefits. Enjoy seamless integration of content and presentation layers, enhanced performance, flexibility for frontend technologies, and support for progressive web applications (PWA). It empowers developers, improves user experiences, and future-proofs your web projects.

Is TYPO3 with Vue.js frontend secure?

Yes, TYPO3 Headless is built with security in mind. Leveraging the robust security features of TYPO3, our Headless extension ensures a secure environment for your web projects. Regular updates, community support, and adherence to best practices contribute to a safe and reliable platform.

Is it complex to set up a Headless CMS?

Not at all. TYPO3 Headless is designed for simplicity and efficiency. With straightforward installation processes and comprehensive documentation, setting up a Headless CMS is a smooth experience. Our community and support resources are also available to assist you at every step.

Do I need frontend skills to adapt to a CMS with a replaced JavaScript frontend?

While frontend skills can enhance your TYPO3 Headless experience, they are not mandatory. Our Headless CMS approach is designed to cater to both developers and content editors. Its user-friendly interface, consistent TYPO3 panel workflow, and support for multiple content elements make it accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their frontend expertise.

Can TYPO3 Headless integrate with my existing extensions and third-party tools?

Yes, TYPO3 with a decoupled frontend is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing extensions and third-party tools. Its flexible architecture allows for easy compatibility, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced functionality for your web projects.

How does ext:headless handle multilingual content and diverse domains?

The Headless TYPO3 Framework excels in managing multilingual content and supports a multi-domain setup. With features like Internationalization (I18n) handling, language direction support (ltr/rtr), and content fallback, TYPO3 Headless ensures a robust solution for creating websites tailored to diverse linguistic and domain requirements.

Is there a learning curve for editors transitioning to a CMS with a decoupled frontend?

The transition for editors to TYPO3 Headless is seamless. There is no additional onboarding required, and the workflow in the TYPO3 panel remains consistent. Editors can continue managing content effortlessly while benefiting from the advantages of a Headless CMS.