Introducing TYPO3 Headless:
Empowering Seamless Content Delivery

A Headless CMS approach offers a revolutionary approach to web development, allowing your frontend and backend teams to work in harmony without constraints. Here's why TYPO3 with Vue.js frontend stands out

Unlocking Creative Freedom with Headless TYPO3

Unlocking Creative Freedom with Headless TYPO3

A Headless CMS approach is your key to a flexible content delivery system that redefines user experiences.
This extension empowers developers to seamlessly integrate frontend and backend while maintaining native TYPO3 functionalities. With a unique mix-mode that supports both Headless and Standard modes, along with easy third-party extension integration, Headless TYPO3 is a powerful choice for developers and content creators.

  • Decouple your frontend from the backend
  • Transparent routing for smooth user experiences
  • Supports native TYPO3 functionalities
  • Mix-mode enables Headless and Standard modes in a single TYPO3 instance

Key characteristics of Headless TYPO3

Headless Feature as a TYPO3 Extension

Elevate your TYPO3 CMS capabilities by seamlessly incorporating Headless as an extension, unlocking new possibilities for your digital projects.

Unified Content Elements, Grids, and Pages

Ensure consistency in design and functionality by utilizing the same content elements, grids, and pages across both traditional and Headless TYPO3 setups.

Effortless Third-Party Extension Integration

Extend the functionality of your TYPO3 Headless environment effortlessly by integrating third-party extensions, tailoring your solution to specific project needs.

PWA and JS App Integration in TYPO3

Bring the power of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and JavaScript applications to TYPO3, enhancing user experience and modernizing your digital presence.

Headless CMS with Editor Control

Retain editorial control over content while embracing Headless architecture, offering a decoupled frontend without sacrificing the familiarity of the TYPO3 CMS.

Seamless Editor Onboarding and Workflow

Ensure a smooth transition for editors with TYPO3 Headless, where no additional onboarding is required, preserving the same intuitive workflow within the TYPO3 panel.

Multi-Language Support with Content Fallback

Cater to a global audience with TYPO3 Headless, providing multi-language support and content fallback options for a consistent user experience.

No Content Migration Needed

Simplify the migration process with a Headless CMS approach, eliminating the need for content migration and minimizing disruptions to ongoing projects.

Step-by-Step Website Migration

Plan and execute website migration at your own pace with TYPO3 Headless, offering a step-by-step approach for a seamless transition.

Full Support for TYPO3 Core Features

Leverage the comprehensive features of TYPO3, including workspaces, forms, login functionality, and more, seamlessly integrated into TYPO3 with a decoupled frontend.

TYPO3 as a Versatile Content API

Harness TYPO3's potential as a dynamic Content API, delivering content seamlessly across multiple channels and ensuring a cohesive digital presence.

High Performance with Easy PWA Integration

Experience optimal performance with TYPO3 Headless, offering high-speed delivery and effortless integration with Progressive Web App (PWA) features for an engaging user experience.

Seamless Frontend Integration
with Nuxt-TYPO3

Elevate Your TYPO3 Headless Experience with Nuxt.js Extension - Explore Internationalization, Multi-Domain Support, Superior SEO, High Performance, Ready Vue.js Components, Unified Frontend, PWA Features, and Native Mobile App Compatibility.

Internationalization and Text Direction Support

  • Nuxt-TYPO3 seamlessly manages multilingual projects with robust internationalization (i18n) capabilities.
  • Supports both left-to-right (ltr) and right-to-left (rtl) text directions for enhanced flexibility.

Effortless Multi-Domain Management

Extend projects seamlessly across multiple domains for streamlined and efficient project management.

Superior SEO with SSR

  • Achieve exceptional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results leveraging Nuxt-TYPO3's Server-Side Rendering (SSR) capabilities.
  • Enhance visibility and accessibility on search engines.

High-Performance User Experience

Provide users with a lightning-fast, high-performance website, ensuring an instant loading experience.

Ready Vue.js Components for TYPO3 CE’s

  • Access a library of pre-built Vue.js components designed specifically for TYPO3 Content Elements (CE).
  • Streamline development and maintain a consistent and polished user interface.

Unified Frontend for Multiple Applications

Use Nuxt-TYPO3 as a common frontend across multiple applications, simplifying maintenance and updates.

Efficient PWA Feature Integration

Easily integrate Progressive Web App (PWA) features, including offline mode and desktop icons, enhancing user engagement.

Native Mobile App Compatibility

Explore the possibility of wrapping and publishing applications as native mobile apps for extended reach to mobile audiences.

Join nuxt-typo3 Early Access Program

Purchase one-time for instant access to upgrades, additional modules, vendor support and code repository access.

Benefits from a developer’s perspective

  • Extended Content Objects for JSON cObj

    Enrich your JSON content objects in ext:headless with additional BOOL, INT, and FLOAT data types, providing enhanced flexibility in defining and processing content.

  • Advanced Data Processing Support

    Elevate your data processing capabilities in TYPO3 Headless, benefiting from robust support and extensions that streamline complex data handling requirements.

  • Out-of-the-Box Support for Core Content Elements

    Seamlessly integrate core content elements with TYPO3 with a decoupled frontend, ensuring compatibility and support for a wide range of essential features right from the start.

  • Proxy Support for Request/Files

    Resolve CORS and PWA challenges related to files in different domains effortlessly with TYPO3 Headless, thanks to built-in proxy support for requests and files.

  • Comprehensive Extension Support

    Enhance your CMS project with out-of-the-box support for key extensions, including ext: forms, felogin, redirects, news, solr, powermail, and seo, providing a versatile and feature-rich development environment.